Tips to increase the security of your home

Focus on lighting

A well-lit home will already be a deterrent to burglars. Most burglars seek out and prefer dark residences. Make sure you have adequate lighting around your house, in your yard, and consider keeping some lights on inside especially if you are away. Motion sensors outside can be a great investment to save energy while still keeping everything lit in the event a possible burglar is present.

Barriers to exit

High shrubs, bushes, and fences mean a slow escape to a burglar. Making your yard and landscape a slow escape can deter potential burglars.

Watch what you show

Don’t leave valuables visible to people outside. This only increases the value of your home in the eyes of a burglar. They will know what else you might have and what they know they can get away with.

Your trash is their treasure

Potential burglars can look through your trash to get an idea what kind of money you may have inside or what they could potentially steal. Even the smallest details can be put together in a burglars mind to determine if your home is a good potential target. Don’t underestimate a professional burglar.

Beware of scouts

Quite often burglars will have some ruse to scope out a neighborhood or “canvas” for a good target. This can come in any form from a salesman to a friendly person looking for donations. Under no circumstances should you provide information that would indicate what you have inside and never ever let a stranger in (even in the entryway). They might be looking inside to see what kind of décor you have, televisions, electronics, or any other valuables they could steal.

Invest in a home security system

Whether you choose to have a simple window and door monitoring or more advanced video surveillance, any home security system will deter potential burglars and make your house a higher risk.