Home Security Packages

What they include

Most home security packages include equipment, installation, and monitoring. These packages can range depending on the equipment you would like to have installed and any special incentives the company may be offering at the time. It is quite normal to have a sales representative quote a great deal of “free” equipment but charge for installation as long as you are signing up for the monitoring service. Do not be fooled if they are quoting this as a special offer or limited time offer, almost all companies do the same thing so it isn’t a bad sign either.

Typical Basic Package

  • Monitoring System (panel you mount or install and acts as the hub of the system)
  • 1-2 Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sign

These packages can be slightly different however this is where most systems start. The only main difference you might see here would be a wireless versus hard lined system. The wireless systems will cost more since they have cellular communication however they cannot be disabled if a potential burglar or assailant cuts the phone line out side. In many cases, you can add additional window or door sensors however the installation prices will increase and the upfront cost of the package will increase as well.

Typical Mid-Range Package

  • Monitoring system
  • 1-2 Door sensors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sign
  • Flood, temperature, or carbon monoxide detector
  • Indoor Sounder (Loud alarm that might deter criminals or alert the family of an emergency)

Advanced packages can range and some companies offer the wireless monitoring device as part of an advanced package while others include it standard for all packages.

Monthly monitoring fees also range with the packages since some might include monitoring of the flood, temperature, or carbon monoxide.

Types of home security equipment

There are various concerns regarding your home safety. This goes beyond just burglary and break-ins and can include carbon monoxide in your home, fire safety, and even flooding. Any of these can be major concerns while you are home or away and there are products and services to help with all of these issues.

Burglary, Break-Ins, Theft

The options for securing your home against this threat are quite varied and include:

  • Window Sensors – Set off the alarm if a window is broken or opened while the alarm is armed
  • Door Sensors – Set off the alarm if a door is opened or broken into while the alarm is armed
  • Video Surveillance – While these do not necessarily sound an alarm, many video surveillance systems record and can transmit the video feeds. Some systems now allow you to view your video surveillance over the Internet if you are on vacation or away. These can also serve as a strong deterrent against burglary. You can even choose a false or fake video surveillance camera to install as this will look real and still may deter thiefs.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion sensors can also sound an alarm in the event of a break in if somebody is present in the home while the alarm is armed.

Other Monitoring Devices

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors - Carbon monoxide alarms detect harmful levels of the gas and will alert you of the problem before it becomes dangerous. Carbon Monoxide is a odorless and colorless gas that can be present if there is a malfunction with a fireplace or other type of combustion in the house that goes unnoticed. Some families have tried to use a charcoal grill indoors and ended up with carbon monoxide poisoning that can quickly result in death. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous since it can be impossible to tell if it is present until symptoms of poisoning occur which are so subtle they will not wake you up if you are sleeping.
  • Temperature Sensors – These can serve to sound an alarm and if you have monitoring services also alert the fire department if a fire occurs. Smoke alarms will work well if you and your family are home however if you are on vacation or away then all they do is make noise. Temperature sensors can protect your house in this case.
  • Flood Sensors – coming home to a flooded house can be one of the worst ways to end a family vacation or trip. Sometimes a faucet can be left on, a toilet can leak, or a water pipe can rupture while you are away. Flood sensors with the proper monitoring system can alert somebody to take care of the problem.